The Illinois High School Esports Association announces 501(c)(3) nonprofit status

The largest high school esports organization in Illinois gains official 501(c)(3) status to help serve students and schools.  

(Chicago, Illinois - January 29, 2021) - After more than 3 years of helping high school esports grow, the Illinois High School Esports Association (IHSEA) is proud to announce it has gained tax exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.  This will allow the IHSEA to strengthen its ties to the Illinois community and provide more support for the students and schools who are interested in the world of gaming and esports.

The IHSEA was created by a group of teachers and staff members to provide an opportunity for highschool students to participate in esport activities through their schools.  Since its inception, the IHSEA has been an intrical part of the exponential growth within our state. The IHSEA has helped over 100 Illinois schools, stretching from the northern suburbs, throughout the city of Chicago, and all the way down to the southernmost border.  Over 3,000 students have discovered the unlimited potential that esports can offer.  Many former students are now earning scholarships as part of varsity esports teams at their college.  Others have found the love of a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) career through participation.  Students were also able to create long lasting friendships with others who share a common interest.

There are many opportunities to compete in high school esports, but the IHSEA prides itself in being the longest running esports organization to operate in Illinois and the Midwest.  The IHSEA has led the way by providing guidance and being the model for several other states trying to tackle the high school esports community.  Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Washington, Iowa, Texas, Minnesota have now created non-profit organizations similar to the IHSEA that were started by teachers and staff for the benefit of their students.

Moving forward, the IHSEA is committed to providing more opportunities to students from all backgrounds to compete and to explore the many different career options that live inside the gaming and esports industry.  There is more to an esports club than just competitions, as they are an example of a small business and need a team in order to function successfully.  These positions range from players and coaches, to event organizers and planners, all the way to shoutcasters, graphic designers, and an executive board.

If you would like to sign your school up or hear more information about the IHSEA please contact us:
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About the Illinois High School Esports Association
The Illinois High School Esports Association (IHSEA) is a non-profit group founded and run by Illinois teachers and educators. It was created to be a community-focused organization that allows students to participate in the world of competitive esports as well as encourages students to explore a future in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) world.

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