2022 - 23



We will be using Battlefy for brackets and scheduling.

See more information and PrizesSee more information and Prizes

We are using a Discord server for most communications and scheduling.

We will have at least one match of the week streamed live or replayed with casters in our twitch channel.



Valorant Information

Valorant is a 5 vs. 5 tactical game in which one team attempts to plant a spike on their opponent's zones while their opponents attempt to either diffuse the spike once it's been planted or prevent the spike from being planted in the first place. Schools may each submit up to one team to compete in the IHSEA Varsity Valorant season and up to two teams to compete in the IHSEA JV Valorant season. Each team must have no less than five players and no more than nine players. JV players may be called up to play Varsity, but may not cross over to play for their school's other JV team if they have already played on the other. Registration for Valorant is due September 12th and matches occur every Tuesday and Thursday starting September 20th and ending October 11th. The top 16 Varsity teams in the state qualify for the online playoffs that occur on October 13th and the winners of those online playoff games travel to LAN on October 15th for the IHSEA Valorant LAN Finals. Full Valorant rules will be released on September 12th. Any questions prior to their release can be directed to Dalton McGhiey at dmcghiey@ihsea.org.

Need to contact us?


Contact for all IHSEA competition related questions such as registration, rules, and LAN events.
Dalton McGhiey


Contact for all IHSEA operations, partnerships, or onboarding questions.
Benjamin Bruce


Contact for all IHSEA financial questions.
Jarrod Rackauskas